If you are ready for change but need help focusing on which business area to work on first, consider applying for a BHbusiness Plus learning network in Strategic Business Decision Making, where you and your team will:
  • Complete an environmental scan – this leads to the identification of opportunities and threats, along with an internal assessment that leads to identification of organizational strengths and weaknesses.
  • Determine your organization’s value proposition – and also how to address threats and which potential marketing opportunities to pursue.
  • Undertake a project using scenario planning – you’ll consider alternate futures that could be caused by the environmental opportunities and threats.
  • Select a strategy to pursue – you’ll use your assessment of the risks and rewards of the opportunities and threats posed under the different future scenario. Strategies might include a complete reorganization of your business or something less dramatic, such as developing a new line of business or seeking out new revenue sources for current lines of business.

Once you’ve completed this learning network, you will have identified one or several potential business processes to target for improvement. You can then apply to another BHbusiness Plus topic area focused on that specific business area so that your team can design, develop, and implement a change project to support organizational growth and success.