Are you thinking about taking the next step to implement a new technology in your organization? Not sure if you are ready or need help creating an implementation plan, consider applying for a BHbusiness Plus learning network in Planning for the Next Generation of HIT, where you and your team will:
  • Learn more about innovative technology options that improve customer outcomes.
  • Find out “how ready” your organization is, identify areas that need improvement and take action to close the gaps.
  • Explore options for financing and articulating the business case for implementation.
  • Develop an implementation plan.
  • Complete a workflow analysis for a minimum of one process that will change due to the HIT integration into your organization’s workflow.
Case studies from the field feature stories of successful HIT implementation and how to avoid pitfalls that can derail the even best laid implementation plans. In the Health Information Technologies network you get focused technical assistance, rewarding peer networking and excellent learning resources.
Nationally-recognized experts will provide tools and tips to guide the planning of your HIT implementation process.