If you would like to learn more about costing out your services consider applying for a BHbusiness Plus learning network in Costing Out Your Services, where you and your team will:
  • Complete worksheets for activity-based costing; review basic Excel skills by completing worksheets and simple costing exercises; and/or develop advanced Excel skills such as reference tables, pivot tables, and more complex data entry.
  • Determine whether you are costing out your services correctly.
  • Explore process map costing to assist in budget projections.
  • Select one or two services to cost out, identify key uses for cost data, and learn how this ties into revenue forecasting.
Once you’ve completed this learning network you will have a better understanding of how to do activity process mapping and use Excel to cost out your services.
Who should attend? Accounting Staff, Program Managers, and Clinical Staff responsible for contracts and revenue management with limited knowledge of Microsoft Excel and creating spreadsheets.