If you are ready to understand the shifting health care marketplace and take advantage of new opportunities, BHbusiness offers you hands-on expertise and guidance to initiate, continue or complete business operation changes that will accelerate your organization’s success, all in a virtual environment with peer support and a dedicated coach. Over 1,000 provider organizations have participated in BHbusiness to date, many of whom have benefited from the action plans and programs developed during their participation.

Why Choose BHbusiness Plus?

  • The program empowers participating organizations to actually make quantifiable changes, rather than just learning how to do so.
  • Everyone in the learning network receives the needed technical assistance and resources to conduct a customized change project. These projects target a business area that will support and improve your organization’s success.
  • It is sponsored by SAMSHA, a trusted source of information with no commercial interests.
  • Your only investment is your time and efforts; there is no financial cost to participate.

What Do You Get?

  • Support for creating your own change projects
  • Focused technical assistance to meet your organization wherever the business need is strongest
  • Guidance from a dedicated coach through the process of developing your change project
  • Access to other providers in your learning network, empowering organizations to learn from combined experiences in growing their businesses
  • Consultation from leading subject matter experts in the field
  • Resources that provide practical action steps to meet your individual challenges