BHbusiness is a program consisting of technical assistance and resources to help behavioral health executives and their teams make the business changes necessary to survive and thrive in a new health care marketplace. Behavioral health providers are being challenged by the transformation from fee-for-service to pay-for-performance. The increasing demand for services, new requirements, changes in funding sources, and many other market factors are having a serious impact on the behavioral health field. It is crucial for providers to meet these challenges and position their organizations for growth. To meet this need, SAMHSA developed and launched BHbusiness in 2012, offering technical assistance and expert coaching and consultation to support behavioral healthcare provider capability. Funded by SAMHSA, the program is offered to participants at no cost. The program is coordinated by the National Council for Behavioral Health (National Council) and AHP. After the first two years of helping behavioral health executives transform their business operations, BHbusiness became BHbusiness Plus, incorporating enhancements to accelerate innovation: So far, the program has served well over 1,000 provider organizations, many of whom have benefited from the action plans and programs developed during their participation.