BHbusiness - Mastering Essential Business Operations

How is your  organization responding
to the rapidly evolving behavioral
health field?

If you are an executive or leader in mental health and substance use disorder and are ready to position your organization for success in an uncertain environment, BHBusiness: Mastering Essential Business Operations is for you!

These online courses help you learn how to grow your organization, improve efficiency, and deliver value to the bottom line by:
  • Engaging with a powerful online curriculum
  • Participating in live coaching sessions
  • Networking with peer organizations
  • Applying learning to create actionable business plans
  • Accessing extensive resources, technical assistance, and subject matter experts
BHbusiness courses are funded by SAMHSA and provided to participants at no cost.

"There's absolutely no question that participating in the BHbusiness learning network will help us accommodate the anticipated increase in clients eligible for treatment with full implementation of healthcare reform."

— Katy Lewis, Director of
Standards and Certification
Shawnee Mental Health Center

Participant in BHbusiness Billing
Third-party Payers Learning Network
Applications for 2014-2015 Learning Networks will open in June 2014.
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BHbusiness - Mastering Essential Business Operations